The following stories are TRUE; these are not an invitation to ask me out on a date…. lol!

I am in no way saying that I am the perfect date, I’m just explaining my side and offering some helpful tips for dating in general to keep it fun. 😉

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
I don’t claim to be a dating guru but have just been out there actively dating and I believe many of my experiences are no different than yours, I just decided to write about them…yes, I think I might make this a habit…

And for clarification…dating is for research..I will not give into “selling out” and you will not see any symptoms of “bitchassness”.

-Your feedback and comments are welcome…all in the name of research! lol


“You Have No Integrity!”

This one’s about a year old and a lot of my friends have heard it but I find I still get the “What the f*&k? Are you serious” reaction, which always makes me laugh.

I went out with what I thought was a nice guy….funny, good conversation, just all around seemed like someone I would like to get to know. We were enjoying ourselves; closing the restaurant down!

He had explained that he was part of some mentoring group, kind of like a life coach and I thought that was awesome. He had even mentioned that it would be cool if I checked it out. I was intrigued. He spoke a lot of this group and I was thinking “nice guy, cool.”

He seemed super sweet and he must have felt comfortable with me because he felt like sharing a personal story with me. I forget now, but he had some financial stint in his past and was explaining how he got past it. Well since he was sharing, I did the same. I explained how my Dog of 13 years had been sick and how so much money was spent on his medications to keep him healthy but he ultimately passed away.

Well as soon as I got into the story, he ended it…this guy went from sweet guy to asshole in about 0.3 seconds. He stopped smiling, and got this super serious look on his face. He said, “that’s no integrity”. I literally had to do a double take because I couldn’t believe that this was coming from this guy I just spent 3 hours talking up a storm with. I said, “I’m sorry?” He says, “You’re telling me, you spent all that money on a dog!? We need to discuss this, this is unacceptable.”

Well my dog had just passed away a couple of months ago, and I tried so hard to fight it but I began tearing up and he just keeps going, “blah blah blah, you should never spend your money that way” I asked him to stop because he was making me cry. I was not only embarrassed but super upset..and he kept going! I just got up and walked out, he followed. I couldn’t manage to get the words out. I wanted to say a lot of things but I just got in my car.

I recapped this date for a friend of mine and her husband. When I got to the part about him telling me I have no integrity, the husband who is usually very mellow and never gets upset, turns red and says to me ” don’t get involved with that guy, the group he’s a part of is like a cult, this guy is totally brainwashed!” I was shocked….he said his old company tried to make him go to one of their seminars and he walked out. It made sense to me because of all things to say he said I had no integrity, which I feel doing what I did for my dog was quite the opposite! My friends husband said this group uses that word often to break it’s members down and then fill them with the things they want them to learn. They both said it was like Snoop was with me that night and saved me from considering this guy my friend

He called, several times, and didn’t seem to get that I was not going to see him again. He actually said, ” I think we hit it off really well and I would love to see you again.” HELLLOOO! DID YOU NOT JUST SEE ME BALL MY EYES OUT F*CKER!?

I guess he didn’t like that I didn’t call him back so he sent me an email…I wanted to reply with:

“The next time I see you, I am going to kick your balls into your throat.
Fuck your face,

Instead, being the lady that I am ;), I responded with, “No, I will not be going out with you again. I shared a very personal story with you as you did with me and you criticized me. In the future when a lady is sharing something like that with you, do not judge or criticize…doing so will not get you second date.”

He got the hint.

** Guys and girls alike, you may not always agree with what a person is doing, but it doesn’t give you the right to judge or criticize, especially on the first date…leave that to when you are in a relationship. LOL LOL!

Although this date goes down in my dating diary as one of THEEEEEEEE worst, I must say, I love that I have this story to tell my friends because now it just makes me laugh…and well, we could always use a good laugh right!…..besides, the good dates aren’t as fun to write about! 😉


  1. Scott
    June 15, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    I gotta say … this whole thing intrigues me. I know you started this thing 2 years ago (apparently) but I just stumbled upon this today. If you don’t mind … I’d like to comment on a couple of your posts … I mean afterall … that’s why you posted them right? I’ll just drop a male’s perspective on it and you can take it for what it’s worth.
    I find it rather interesting to hear a woman’s take on dates. But I think it is even more interesting to me to see what men do on dates. I am still floored that a man on a first date would feel he has any place what-so-ever to make a comment of such magnitude. I had an ex who was in love with her cat … and it continually had medical issues that were costing us anywhere from $500 – $800 a pop. We were both college students at the time and that was way out of our range. Finally, we had to make a decision and we ended up choosing to put him to sleep. This is after several large vet bills. I had dated her for nearly a year at that point … and even then I didn’t feel right telling her to put him to sleep … I offered my opinion because she asked but I left it up to her. But for a man to feel it’s his place to inform you of your lack of “integrity” … just kills me. I’m glad you told him off … but I’m even more impressed you told him off in a constructive manner. To say “F#@k off” would have been just blown off as you bein’ a crazy chick (just giving you a male’s point of view because when a girl … or guy … gets too emotional about something and can’t have a conversation without letting their emotions dictate their comments … a person is going to put very little weight on what they say) … but because you told him what he did and why it was wrong … and even what to do next time (which I loved) … he can’t sit there and just write you off as being crazy. Hopefully, he looked in the mirror a bit.
    Like I said … this little thing you got going here interests me … so I’ll read your other entries … and since I enjoy conversation … and apparently typing … I’ll post a comment where I feel I have input. Since I haven’t read any of your other entries yet … I’m going to assume you haven’t found “Mr. Right” yet … and wish you all the best and hopefully you don’t have too many j@ck@sses like these in your life … although … I see 8 or so chapters … so I’m assuming there must be more. Ha!

    • June 18, 2010 at 8:54 am

      Thank you for your feedback! Glad to know I am not the only one that would do that for a pet. They are like family! They deserve to be treated well..if not better! 🙂

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