Chapter 9 liiives….and is apparently JONESIN!!!

Well as I always say, not to toot my own horn but honk honk beep beep!

They always want to come back…always 🙂

I got an email from boat guy (See Chapter 9) . He for some reason thought that the headline I had in my profile was directed towards him…

I had recently changed my headline to state: “I’m a surfer, I love the beach” Yeah I get it, we live in SD, chances SURF! Tell me something I don’t know..seriously!”

He emails stating the following:

Subject: Hater!

At least you’re quoting me 😉
You must have not thought it too lame since we dated for months. Did you want me to say I climbed mountains or something I didn’t actually do? Jerk… I’m kidding.
I know you don’t care to hear shit from me but I told you I was probably making a mistake and I believe I did. The compliment your Dad gave you is true, I too loved being around you. Would still love to be around you.
Take care pretty

In the last part of the email he is referring to a post I made on facebook some time back when my Dad gave me a compliment. It has been the sweetest compliment I have ever received from anyone.
He said: “Mija” (which for those of you who don’t know is like saying “sweetheart” in Spanish) you have this amazing ability to make everyone just want to be around you”

Dad is a very sweet Man….boys should take notes! lol

Well as I read the email….I had to remember what happened. After I finished and posted Chapter 9, he tried to keep in touch with me and any attempt to hang out just got more awkward…. which led to one night him revealing this slue of issues he had..and that he “might still have feelings for his ex”considering I had already been over it since the incident on the boat, I was quick to tell him, “ok, you’re done” and escorted him out of my house. As he was leaving, he said ” I think I might be making a mistake, I dont know if I have feelings for her or not, I think you might be the better choice!” I take it he expected me to react the opposite of what I did and try to be more understanding. Instead I continued with “Good luck with that” He kept mumbling as I shoved him out of my front door.

He didn’t think I was worth the wait, and then when he tried to stick around he then throws that at me; the thought that he “probably” made a mistake. Probably! wow, so I had to remind him of that with the following response to his email:

Re: Hater!
For the record, I wasn’t quoting you…just about every guys profile on match says they are surfers…and my point is that it’s not original…that’s all.

Saying I don’t want to hear shit from you is a little much but you are right, I remember you saying “I’m probably making a mistake” and you thought you might still have something for your ex. All of that on top of the incident with you going off on me for not sleeping with you… wow.
So you are emailing me now because it didn’t work out with your ex? …It all in reality just reminds me that you weren’t sure what you wanted and I want to be with someone who is, has no question and will not pressure me to do anything I don’t want to do. You did make a mistake, deal with it and move on.

Have not heard back from him. Think he got the point

How tacky. The story did not change, he thinks he believes that NOW he made a mistake, how convenient. In case it wasn’t clear….I DON’T DO SECOND! I deserve to be first in someone’s life.

Though they all want to come back….when they do, I’m already over it. So here’s a tip: It would be in your best interest not to fuck it all up in the first place! lol

Moooooving on to bigger and better thaaaangs! 🙂

2 comments for “Chapter 9 liiives….and is apparently JONESIN!!!

  1. Rob
    October 16, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Hi! I just read most of your blog and thought it was hilarious!! Great writing. Obviously you are a dating expert LOL. So I'd love to go out on a date with you tonight!! I'm in San Diego for two days, I'm a cruise ship navigator (26yr old, brown hear, blue eyes, enjoying life!) from Europe and currently chilling in Hilton Bayfront till my ship comes in in a few days!! How about dinner tonight? Your favourite restaurant- I've seen many goodlooking spots already but am not very familiar with SD. Just so you know; I'm not a freak at all- just a bit lonely far away from home lol looking for good company!! 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon! My e-mail is .

    x! Rob

  2. sdsinglegirl
    October 16, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the email but as you said you read "most" of my blog, I take it you missed the disclaimer which states that my blogs are not an invitation to ask me out on a date. Enjoy your stay in San Diego though and thank you so much for reading! Feedback is much appreciated 🙂

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