Too Much Too Soon?

When it comes to honesty, is there a such thing as too much too soon? The 25 yr old and I went out on ONE date and he has not stopped going on and on about how much he’s intrigued and likes me but….not enough to wait I guess.

He confessed to sleeping with someone yesterday. We aren’t together, he didn’t owe me any kind of explanation, confession…again, we went out ONCE.

Is this just him showing his age because he was like a little horny dog that couldn’t invest time with me and wait to see if it would lead to intimacy? Or did he do the right thing by doing more than most Men would by coming clean though we are not a couple at all? I don’t know…I can’t help but be turned off by his actions though I do respect his honesty. Where does one go from here? Wondering if I have something special here or if this is a douche bag for the books…my normal “I don’t put up with SHIT” feeling is telling me….he can’t keep it in his pants.

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  1. Scott
    June 30, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Easy … he can’t keep it in his pants … ALSO … he might have been trying to make you jealous … I know … I know … “how in the world could someone think it would make you jealous?” But he is 25 … and lets face it … our southern brain made us men believe all sorts of crap back in those days!!!

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