Ho Ho…No?

Along with all the commercials that insist every woman MUST have jewelry for Christmas, it seems the internet has become riddled with posts on “How to Survive the Holidays Single.”  It’s like come the end of November, we are just miserable beings without partners, wandering this Earth aimlessly.  Did I miss something? When did being single for the holidays become some sort of tragedy?

That’s right, it’s not. So to all of those posting, thinking you’re doing us sad single people a favor, let me break it down for you.

We.are.fine. Probably better than a lot of couples in fact. While they’re out there racking their brains on what to buy their boyfriend or girlfriend, the most stress we encounter is the outfit we will be wearing for New Years Eve or finding the store with the best liquor sale.

We enjoy the holidays as much as they do, we are just as merry, have every right to be. So don’t try and rob us of it because we’re single.  We aren’t weak, we are strong. We are proof that we aren’t dependent on others for happiness. We are strong enough to find it within ourselves, yes, even during the holidays.

We aren’t social lepers (most of us) so stop treating us like it and like we now have to navigate through this planet during the holidays with things like survival kits. What do you think would be in those anyway? I read a post talking about a significant amount of booze.  I won’t argue with you about that….we will drink tons of booze, but not for reasons that you’re thinking.  We aren’t drinking to “deal” with anything.  We’re drinking….because we can, not because we’re alone. Just because we aren’t with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and aren’t posting cheesy Christmas card photos with a significant other, doesn’t mean we aren’t surrounded by love.

Truth be told, the only really sad thing about being single during the holidays are those people that get sad about being single during the holidays.

But if you do happen to fall into the category of  “Sad Single”  during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, let me give you one piece of advice on how to get through this time of torment….

Stop reading these “How to Survive” posts and stop feeling sorry for yourself. BAM.DONE. You’re welcome.  (You can thank me in booze). Remind yourself that having a partner is great but not necessary to make you or your holidays anymore awesome.  You are enough, you are love. Be proud that you have made the decision to be with someone that makes you happy.



And really, the way I see it, not having a significant other during the holidays eliminates the obligation to buy an extra gift.  So now, you’ve just saved some money which not only means you’re wonderful but now, wonderfully savvy. Win/Win








Happy drunken, fabulously single, holidays everyone.








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