The following stories are TRUE, these are not an invitation to ask me out on a date…lol!

I am in no way saying I am the perfect date, I’m just explaining my side and offering some helpful tips for dating in general to keep it fun 😉

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
I don’t claim to be a dating guru but have just been out there actively dating and I believe many of my experiences are no different than yours, I just decided to write about them… yes, I think I may make this a habit…

And for clarification…dating is for research… I will not give into “selling out” and you will not see any symptoms of “bitchassness.” On my part anyway…

-Your feedback and comments are welcome…all in the name of research!

Chapter 4

“Cause it’s 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out”

I went on a date last week and let’s just say…he put himself in the friends zone

He wanted to meet up for a drink, he picked Seau’s which is a Bar and Grill for those who aren’t in the know. I knew the game was on but I thought it was a good choice, we could have a few drinks, all very casual, have a few laughs and get to know eachother. I didn’t expect that his love for baseball would really over power our meet up.

*Guys, do not take a girl to Seau’s to watch the base ball game on the first date. I am all for the game but …when she is talking to you, you need to be looking her in the eyes not looking at the TV yelling- “double play!”

*When engaging in conversation, do not do all the talking…ask her questions and don’t try to initiate more conversation with “so what else would you like to know about me?”, after you just spent the last hour talking about yourself and not asking her anything in return.

*I love kids but I don’t find it necessary to bring out the pics of your kids on the first date. I understand proud Papas everywhere want to do this but please, on the first date…hold back unless she asks you to see them. Why you ask? Because you don’t know how she is going to react and not every woman is going to respond with “oh how cute, when can I meet them”

*When the bill comes guys, you pay for it. Do not let the girl pay. THIS IS OUT OF COURTESY. Now I know some of you are thinking, in this dating age, it should be equal…but fellas, ladies like to be treated as invited her, you pay the bill…if she throws out her card, do not take it. Of course should she call you up one day and say “I’m taking you out, I’m paying”, or should the dating lead to a relationship, by all means, you can go back and forth. But the first date typically-YOU PAY.

I took my card out, expected him to decline to take it…but he took my card… speaking in terms he would understand “can you say strike 3 buddy?”

Guys, the first date should just be about getting to know each other, your likes and dislikes, hobbies, goals etc. There should be no emotional back drop to your life and baby mama drama either. All the talk of the “ex” and how she “screwed you over, but you still have love for her” is not necessary. Talk of any ex isn’t necessary…period. I know sometimes we use this as filler but we should try and be more original…the “how long has it been since your last relationship” convo can wait as well.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression….make it good. No pressure, no talk of marriage and kids on the first date…please- buy the girl a drink first jeez! lol.

“Matt Holiday” wants a second date…of course he does, he just got a free therapy session and free beer! But I kindly declined and said, ” I’m sorry, I’m on a budget”


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