Going Downtown…FOR REAL!

Update for my readers: Not that any of you are wondering 😀 but I’m moving DOWNTOWN..now I can really sing: “Downtown, things will be great when you’re Downtown!” Can you picture me shouting it from my window?? I promise I’ll do it too.

Looking forward to new adventures and hopefully not running into too much douchebaggery as I hear there’s an abundance of that downtown..but in reality, that’s just everywhere and if I do run into it, I can just write about it:)

I will be able to walk to EVERYTHING! I always thought if I were to move downtown I would want to live right in the Gaslamp

I’m excited for new beginnings,not like it was a far move or anything but still I’m excited. What I I think I will like about renting is that you aren’t attached to anything..you can literally get up and move wherever you want! I plan on taking these next few months to figure out if my adventures will keep me here in San Diego or will take me elsewhere.. New York? Maybe… those who know me well know, when I really want something I go for it and get it. I’m not sure I’m done with San Diego yet though, this city is too beautiful.

Some of my friends have said I should consider blogging more about my life in general as opposed to just dating… but I’m not sure.  I’m going to try one post maybe..

I’ve got a few more posts I’m finishing up and will try and get them up today or whenever I feel like ok!?

It’s awesome to find that people like my blog and actually give a shit about what I have to say. I love you for that. Thank you for the wonderful comments I get here,on my fan page, and even in person…you guys are awesome. If I could take each of you out for drinks I would (I’ll work on it:))

For now….

If you missed my post about going Downtown check it out ..oh and I’m not talking about Downtown San Diego in this post! Lol!

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