Save The Drama For Yo Momma

They say when you lose one sense, all of your other senses become heightened.  Since I’ve decided to put off dating for a while, It’s like now, all around me, are boy crazy girls.

Oh, but not just boy crazy. More like boy crazy, and drama addicted.

Women dating doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is the drama some of them get themselves into over and over again and how I have to hear about it….over and over again.

It’s starting to irritate me. Don’t get me wrong, I have always felt this way, it just seems now my eyes have been opened to it more.

Why does every conversation have to be about boys? Is there a huge fear that if we don’t talk about them, we would in fact have nothing else to talk about?

How does it happen that 4 such smart women have nothing to talk about other than boyfriends?-Miranda, Sex and the City

Please tell me I’m wrong.

I thought about trying to find this out for myself, going around to observe several groups of women secretly just to see if they could get together without talking about guys. The picture in my head was very stealth like..I pictured a ninja, or P.I….yet knowing how clumsy and not sneaky I am, I would probably be caught eavesdropping. I thought about maybe coming back from that happening by buying them enough drinks so they would then forget what happened…. Well, it all worked out in my head.

I digress.

I asked a bunch guys randomly if all they do when they get together is talk about girls. They all said: “No”. A few said they might mention it occasionally but typically girls are not the topic of conversation….Interesting.

Even though my life isn’t drama filled, In a way it is because dramatic girls come to me with their dramatic problems. Since I am the common denominator it’s time to take some control back and change that.

So girls, what I’m about to say to you…I say with love…tough love but love nonetheless:

I’M.SICK.OF.YOUR.SHIT…sorry that I’m not sorry for saying that. It’s a huge energy suck to listen to some of these girls go through this revolving door of drama. It’s like they thrive on it, and I’m over the conversations just about sucking the life out of me.

Those are the key words though so we are clear…”over and over.” Relationships have problems. Some of my friends have been in relationships for a while and they need a soundboard when issues arise. I can be that. Just don’t let it be the same repetitive bullshit. If the same thing keeps happening to you, do yourself a favor, take some responsibility and maybe STOP DATING. Stop dating to work on you, learn how to be single and truly be content without needing attention from a guy or needing the drama, and then, go out into the world and try again. Not because I need you to join me in not dating, or be like me, but clearly something is not working for you.

What I am washing my hands of:

  • Constant attempts at trying to turn bootycalls into relationships…stop this. I’m the one that gets the call when the shit doesn’t work out. I’m done accepting your calls. I’m embarrassed for you…and you embarrass yourself.
  • Constant “I hate him, I love him” bullshit. As your friends, when you want us to hate him we do..then you get back together, so now he’s no longer an asshole? Then you break up and he’s a douche all over again, I’m done picking sides. Get it together!
  • Your constant need for attention from guys. Listen, I can smell your desperation from here, and chances are so can the guys around you.

I know I shouldn’t discount my friends issues.  I know I shouldn’t think my problems are bigger than theirs or that my way of thinking is the right way but since my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, I have re-evaluated what’s important. Here is a woman who has been thrown into a very dramatic situation that she didn’t ask for and then I see other women continuously put themselves in these dramatic situations on purpose over a guy?  I just have to wipe my hands clean of this drama.

So if you have some positive conversation for me, great. However, if you have the same drama to talk about, then don’t. Please.don’t.  It’s for your own good.  I look at it this way: It’s like I’m enabling you if I don’t put a stop to this now and If you see your friends backing away because you keep doing things that aren’t good for you, you might just decide to take a look within and see if what you are doing is healthy.

I want to stay positive. I get tired of talking girls down from the same ledge all the time. As I’ve done some dating re-evaluating I may need to do some friend re-evaluating because I’m at a point where one of these days…I just might let one of them jump off. Basically, I don’t want to offend anyone anymore than I might be doing with this post.

Are you with me? Tired of living a drama addicted love life? Oh no? Then quoting the exquisite words of the poet Ludacris: “Move bitch, get out the way!”

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