What Happened to Mr. Perfect?

So, I’ve been asked: “What happened to this guy ?” “Mr. Perfect” “Mr. Wonderful”…..

….The perfect date(s), great conversation and someone actually interested in getting to know about ME.  That’s a first…and as time passes, I have to say, it’s still only been that way with him…. a rare find indeed!

He is the guy I am talking about when I say: “Not all guys are douchebags”

So what the fuck is the problem then?

Chemistry. We found we just haven’t been able to get on that level to take it beyond a friendship.

The upside to that and what makes him even more great is that we were able to talk about it. He said that sometimes you have to work on it. Often times when you have the instant fireworks, that spark soon fades.

I like that answer. He is patient and so am I,  so we’ve decided that for now, we will just play it by ear with no pressure.

I’m not giving up on him yet…or should I say, I am ecstatic that he hasn’t given up on me. Being that I am so selective about who I spend time with and so is he; actually if it’s possible I think he might be pickier than I am:), I am flattered and honored that he thinks I’m something special. I don’t want to ignore that and don’t want to let that go.

I think he is something pretty damn great too….but I want to tell you all a little secret: He’s NOT perfect:)..he knows that though, and admits it.  He’s a humble guy and that just adds to his charm.

So who knows. Maybe the chemistry doesn’t have to be automatic? It doesn’t always have to be Hollywood right?

We seem to have everything else down…

It seems as I have described the perfect guy, my blog turned into some sort of match making service, and rightfully so. He’s a fantastic person… I’m surprised I haven’t heard from anyone sooner. I also, have no doubt, he has many women friends that are just waiting for him to see them other than just a friend.

I received a comment from a woman asking me to pass on her email address to him so they could possibly start dating. Am I going to do it?…..Yes, I am going to pass on the information on to him….Why?…because, who am I to say they wouldn’t be a perfect fit?  I would not be so selfish to stop someone from the possibility of being happy.

Wow, with all all of these wonderful things I’m saying about him, I better be careful or I might just get more requests to get hooked up with him!

I think I still might have a chance with him though….something tells me he’s curious to see what will happen with us too.

I could be wrong…but again, we communicate very well so he would tell me if that was the case.

Will we find the chemistry we need to get this thing off the ground? Or will it be that someone else will swoop him up before then?

I don’t have the answer to that. When chemistry is lacking, you can’t force it and we aren’t going to. We may just need more time with each other and I am ok with that!

Even though this isn’t Hollywood,maybe…even if it takes some work, this could be the stuff that turns into not just a Hollywood movie, but a timeless classic.

2 comments for “What Happened to Mr. Perfect?

  1. Dan
    June 10, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Not so perfect then afterall?

  2. June 14, 2010 at 7:31 am

    No…he’s not perfect..far from that. As I said though, what adds to his charm is that he knows he’s not.

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