The Mexican Guido Speaks!

Alright….so he responded.

“Hey Lori!  🙂

Well, I must say I was pretty shocked by this email as I didn’t mean to come across this way at all.  🙂  However, I appreciate your honesty and unfortunately that’s the price we’re paying for not actually being able to meet in person.

Anyway, about my photos….I would just like to say that I strongly feel that you’ve gotten the wrong impression of me by all means.  What you explained is nothing like who I am at all.  I’m the youngest of two older brothers and I also have a younger sister.  All growing up my parents have fostered manners, respect for others, and being humble and I feel they’ve done a great job with all of us.  I’m really a down to earth, easy going guy and a really funny one at that too.  I feel I have a kind and gentle heart and when I’m in love I love.  I’m very passionate and also a strong romantic.  I totally understand what you’re saying about that ‘other guy’ stereotype and I agree.  However, I would just ask that we’d just take the time to get to know each other.  I felt a pretty strong connection after reading all about you and I wouldn’t have emailed you if I didn’t feel that.  You have a sincere presence about you which I really like.

I changed the “false” to my name.  I guess Yahoo! changed that to protect my name or something.  Or maybe I should just start going by the nickname “False”.  haha!

Please think about it and I hope you do give us the chance to build something here.  Even if it’s just a great friendship.

Thanks Lori!  :)”

The guy lives in New Mexico…any harm in building a friendship?

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