Les Aventures d’une Fille Seule

Does that translate to: “Adventures of a Single Girl”???  I sure hope so….because you won’t believe where my single girl adventures are taking me next!!……….


Oui!!! Heading to the Loire Valley for a week! What a spontaneous trip! I leave Sunday and come back Sunday!

I have no idea what to expect except that wine tasting there is much different than here in the states. Apparently you go to the homes of strangers, and have wine with them? Much different way of life than here. I have been to Paris but this is more of the country side with lush, beautiful landscapes filled with sun flower fields and chateaux.

It still hasn’t hit me yet. I’m excited but I can’t wrap my head around this just yet because it was literally planned 2 days ago and finalized yesterday. So this post is a short one… I am sure I will have plenty of pictures and an unforgettable experience to write about when I return.

Au revoir mes amis!!

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