It’s My Blog and I’ll Write What I Want To

My blog is MY online diary. I figure (and appreciate) that I have attracted more readers over time…haters too.

It has gotten to the point where people have found my blog prior to even meeting me and when we do meet, they ask me not to write about them or not to mention certain things…

Nothing irritates me more than when people attempt to dictate how I should live my life..that includes how to write my blog. So… here’s my question for you…

When did my blog become yours? I NEVER mention any names and NO ONE will EVER know who you are.

I hate to break it to you, but my blog is FOR ME, not you. I began writing because it was a form of therapy. The stupid things I say, make ME laugh. That was the point. I am very good at making myself laugh, and taking a negative situation and “finding the silver lining” if you will…It’s just that others started to find it funny too. For some reason though, with readers that find it funny, I get the “ please don’t write about me” on occasion.  So for those people…prepare to get schooled.

These are MY adventures. If from reading my blog, you make it out to be something deeper than for entertainment, try to “figure out what’s wrong with me”, or decide you wouldn’t date me because of it… FUCK OFF, and get yourself acquainted with something of a friendlier nature…


Readers Digest


Menopause Daily

and even…

The Sunday paper  …

or whatever else tickles your fancy. Yeah, I said it. Because last time I checked, this was my blog, you don’t fucking write it, I do…therefore, YOU don’t get a say. So save your opinions of what you think of me because I promise I don’t give a shit and leaving me a bunch of negative comments on here doesn’t count… there is no such thing as an internet bully.

To my fans..thank you for reading.

To my haters…I thank you too, I understand it’s your job to hate..keep up the good work. You only motivate me.

With that said…. Continue…if you dare.

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