My, What Big Balls You Have

They were huge….

I mean, who would stop his car in the middle of the street because he wanted to ask me for my number? A guy with huge balls…figuratively of course.

On a Thursday afternoon, my best friend and I were walking to catch dinner and drinks with friends. I, oblivious, didn’t notice a guy staring at me as he drove past us.  My friend did though…and then he stopped his car in the street, got out, and approached me…

I was taken aback. I had to stop for a second to really think about what was happening, especially when people driving by started to rubber neck like silly people do when there is an accident. This was no accident…although his car was in the street.

He then very apologetically said : “I’m sorry to be so abrupt, I never do this but I just had to ask you if I could speak with you, I just would like the opportunity to get to know you if that’s ok?” He gave me his card but it seemed like he wasn’t going to leave that to chance and then asked for mine: “May I have your number?  I’d like to give you a call.”

I have to say, I was impressed. That was pretty bold of him to do that…Have to say I was flattered as well. That had never happened to me before.  It seems both sexes can be pretty lazy when it comes to dating these days and often times, life in general, so when this happened, I was a little slow in response to anything he said because I was a little confused.  Not that I don’t think I’m attractive, it had just never happened to me, or anyone I know.

He really left me no room not to give him my number.   As a security guard came up to him and said “Can you move this to the side please?!”….I gave him my number.  He wasn’t creepy, he was well spoken, and well put together…and I kind of wanted to get him back in his car and off the street.

He didn’t catch my eye as far as looks go, but rarely does a guy catch my eye. I always say good looking people are a dime a dozen, so even if he was or wasn’t my version of what attractive is…doesn’t mean I would have noticed him on looks alone.

He called a short while later to introduce himself again, wished me a good evening, and said he’d call tomorrow.

THIS is what I’m talking about! That’s how it’s done!!  I appreciated that he approached me and wasn’t creepy about it.

I will forever give praise and thanks to the men out there who are bold and don’t leave things to chance.

Yes, but now what? I JUST announced to the world (or just you) that I didn’t want to date. ..but honestly, I have to go out with him..if anything just to thank him for giving me such a compliment. I spend most of my time figuring out how to woo myself, and make myself feel beautiful so when someone else does it, I almost don’t know how to process that…almost.  I am not going out with him because all of a sudden “He’s the one.” I just want to go out with him to say, “Thank you”..maybe bake him a cake 😉

LAZINESS is such a turn off for me.  A man, who speaks up, and maybe not in these exact words but says “I want you” and shows it…is something VERY difficult to ignore.  Much more refreshing than having to go back and forth with stupid games because people have too much ego.

So boys…TAKE NOTE!! Don’t let what you want get away from you…as a reminder though: DON’T BE CREEPY!

I’ve said this time and time again. When you want something, you go for it. Don’t ask a girl to “Hang out” because you are too afraid of rejection. “Hang out” can be a gray area for some girls but not for me, let me tell you, if a guy ever says “Let’s hang out”, I will NEVER consider that a date. It’s not my fault you are too chicken shit to state what you want.

If you want to know if a girl likes you, without all the stupid run around, head games, ASK HER OUT. Say it “I would like to take you out on a date.” Guys use “hang out” as a rejection buffer so if you don’t like them they can just say “It’s cool, we just hung out, it wasn’t a date or anything.” So lame.

If you want to be respected like a man, act like one. Go after what you want and make it known to her, or the only place you’ll be hanging out is the Friends Zone.


Happy Dating!


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