“Why Don’t You Want To Date Me?!”

So I did it, made the dreaded phone call to “break up” with my boyfriend…. of two WHOLE…dates.

Why was I breaking up with a guy I only went out with twice? Because he was already naming our children and I needed to put a stop to it.  I called him and went into it immediately…

“I know I told you where I was at in the beginning but I just wanted to be up front with you again because I know you are making all these plans and I don’t want to lead you on. I had a great couple of dates with you but I don’t think I should be dating, it’ s not really a priority and I don’t want to be a girl using you for company, dinners, or anything. I hope you understand.”

He immediately responded with: “No, I don’t understand. Why don’t you want to date me?! Explain this to me.”

Whoa buddy, what the hell? It took everything in me not to laugh at that…and that would have been the most he’s made me laugh.

I proceeded to explain. Not much though. Just enough to get him to understand I wasn’t interested.  After breaking it down, I thought for sure he had it now…

“I had a great time with you, but I wouldn’t think much of it afterwards. That should say something about our connection, or lack there of, and a lot about where I am right now. I don’t want to be the rude girl who blows you off, so I am being up front now.”

Nope, he didn’t get it.

“Why couldn’t you make an exception for me?…That doesn’t make sense.”

Oh you bet I was done explaining myself at this point….

“Listen, I am not explaining myself to you, or anyone else ok? I am calling to thank you for being nice to me but I am also calling to let you know this won’t be going any further.”

He stayed quiet for a bit and then said ” Well enjoy getting acclimated here in LA…take care, bye.”

Damn. All that nagging and drama and I didn’t even get any sex out of it. What a waste. I should be given a fucking medal of  AWESOME for this one.



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