Do You Need the Cheese and the Car Keys?


I ain’t got no money

I ain’t got no car to take you on a date

I can’t even buy you flowers

But together we can be the perfect soul mates


Those are some of the lyrics to Timbalands “The Way I are.”

As I was doing some spring cleaning and had Pandora on “Good Feeling” Radio, the song “The Way I are” came on, and for once I actually listened to the lyrics.

Here this guy is broke..I mean, dead broke!…and Keri Hilson was ok with this.  Look, I don’t know why he’s broke ok? The song doesn’t explain it but it made me think about dating in these tough economic times…..

I am not one to immerse myself in what’s going on with the economy. I am aware and informed but I don’t over-think about the facts of it daily because let’s face it, it’s depressing.

According to an article I read in the LA Times there are many young adults that are moving back in with their parents because of tough economic times.

A new report by the Pew Research Center finds that 29% of those between the ages of 25 and 34 have lived at home at some point during the tough economy of recent years

So how does all this affect the dating, if it does at all?

I’m addressing guys in this post because typically, it’s more acceptable for a woman to live at home than a man.  I know more double standards but let’s take it easy, we will conquer things one blog post at a time ok?

Ladies, how would you feel if you heard that the guy you were dating was broke or lived at home? Should we be so demanding in tough times or should we just learn to adapt and be OK with a coke and a smile?

When asking a friend about what she looked for in a guy, she said “Employed, that’s it. Isn’t that sad? I just want him to at least have a job, I don’t care what but just…something.”

I didn’t think it was sad, it was honest. Your standards before might have been that he drive a nice car, live alone, have a great job, and education but what is socially acceptable and now?  Maybe just a job.

Is that the case for all dating? Are we now settling? Or are there exceptions? If you feel a connection with someone, does love conquer all? Or would finding out they were broke change how you feel?

Baby girl

I don’t got a huge ol’ house

I rent a room in a house

Whoa there Timbo, you’re laying it all out there huh?  Yes, maybe, but he’s being honest and there has to be bonus points for owning up your situation right?  That doesn’t mean you can’t still be ambitious and optimistic.  The LA Times article further explained that people that have or are living back home “are satisfied with that arrangement and optimistic about their financial futures.” Are you?

Gentlemen,  if you are part of that 29% or , if you ever find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place…fret not.


If you’re “ballin on a budget” and still trying to keep your dating game up, you only need to know a few things.

Learn to be more creative. Take time to think about how to take a girl out without spending your last dime. Don’t have any idea? GOOGLE IT.

Don’t talk about how broke you are in front of a girl. It’s unattractive and really unappealing. We all have something we have going on. Whether it be financial or other, we don’t need to constantly discuss how shitty those circumstances are. We should always focus on how to overcome them. Plus, broke is really a state of mind. You can have little money but no one has to know. It’s all about how you carry yourself. Got it?

Ladies, do you need the cheese and the car keys? Or can you “Handle him  the way I are ? ”

Happy Dating,


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