My Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating.

This may not be the only post about this subject….. in fact, I may create a page on dating etiquette…period.

MY and I will repeat MY Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating…

Some of these seem harsh. But online dating (the initial before meeting with the person) has to be treated a little differently.  Run it like a business.  Have your qualifications and as you go through them, if they don’t meet them..move on to number 114. Yeah, it’s like “take a number” lol!

In no particular order:

DO NOT post pictures with your shirt off.  When I ask my parents how they have been together so long my Mom doesn’t say: “It’s because of your Dad’s 6 pack”.

No dude, your abs will not take us to our 30th anniversary.

Do NOT post pictures with the fucking scissor mafia gang (peace signs), it doesn’t make you look cooler.

Do NOT post pictures at the clubs letting everyone know “Hey I’m in the scene” whatever. No one cares and you will only attract club rats.

Do SMILE in your pictures….and show teeth! If you don’t show your teeth when smiling, you are hiding something! Possibly the fact that you.have.bad.teeth. gross. Girls like a guy that looks happy. Not cheesy. Happy.

Do NOT post pictures of you next to your vehicle or post pictures of your vehicle by itself. This is tacky. REALLY REALLY TACKY. And it makes you look like a douche.  I don’t care what you drive.  If you feel you want to attract attention based on your vehicle, you will alright..and all I will say is good luck with that.

Do invest in Photoshop. It’s tacky to see you and your arm around a scratched out scribbled out face..surprise! I still see it’s a girl there, or your illegitimate children.

Do not put tons of pictures of your activities. It’s great that you snowboard,  surf,  golf,  but I still CAN’T SEE YOUR FACE!

Do respect the age range, don’t be that guy.  The guy that thinks..oh she means everyone but me. No, I mean you too. If I decide to go outside of that age range…tell you what, I’ll go looking for you mmmkay?

When emailing. Don’t write me a novel. I promise I won’t read all of it. Sometimes less is more.

When posting your profile, try to be original.  I go through every single profile and it’s just about the same thing… “I love to work out, I’m at the gym 6-7 days a week, and if I’m not there, I’m at the beach.”  Umm, do you work??  It’s not necessary to post how often you go to the gym…because I.DONT.GIVE.A.SHIT.  You may have a nice body but when you are sooo proud that you spend THAT much time at the gym, it probably means you don’t spend much time working on the inside and probably means, you don’t like the occasional vegg out days either which I love. So it’s clearly not going to work.

There is already a space designated where you can input your interests and your amount of physical activity. No need to write it out.

This is indeed the straight forward truth because, well, look, online dating is different than meeting someone elsewhere. It’s like an online resume.

When you send your resume to a potential employer you put your best foot forward. It’s the same case in online dating. BE ORIGINAL. Check other people’s profiles. If a girl is looking at several profiles a day, how are you going to stick out? You want to get hired for the job don’t you?

It’s kind of unfair in some cases because some of the same people you may dismiss online, you would never dismiss in person but because they had bad pictures or looked self centered online, you now don’t want to even meet up with them.

That’s just how it works. You need to put a good profile up to get a good response.

Ok, so you don’t find that you will get much attention from your looks alone.  Then be honest and genuine. Do NOT try and be funny if you just aren’t. It’s so obvious when guys are trying to hard with their profile or cheesy emails.

If you need help with your profile, GET HELP. Turn to your friends, especially girl friends. You will be surprised with what works and what doesn’t.

If even after that, you can’t get past a first date with anyone, or can’t even get to a 1st date..then maybe you should do a little self evaluating because it might just be that you are in fact..socially inept which in that case, you shouldn’t be dating…at all.

That’s all…for now. 😉

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